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You’ll experience unmatched bear viewing, up-close wildlife opportunities, and memorable nature excursions set against the backdrop of one of Alaska’s most exquisite landscapes:

Katmai National Park.


Your wildest dreams are about to come true. Give us a call,

or send a quick message to reserve your spot.

There will be bears! Eagles, sea otters, moose, and many other species call Katmai National Park home.

Our lead guide has over 40 years experience in the area. You are certain to have a trip of a lifetime!

From colorful lichen to fields drenched in blankets of fuchsia fireweed, over 700 species of plants prosper in this complex ecosystem.

Our chef is nationally renowned for excellence in the kitchen. His presentations will delight your senses!

Rustic elegance, and well appointed. You'll feel right at home in one of our seven beautiful cabins.

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Coastal grizzly brown bear cub
Coastal brown bear sow and cubs.
Three yearling bear cubs
Harbor seal.
Brown bear fishing.
Common loon.
Healthy spring bear cub.
Coastal brown bear sow and cubs.
Grizzly brown bears
Adorable spring bear cubs.
A bear sow and cub
Beat at Hallo Bay, Alaska
Grizzly brown bear sow and cubs
Bull moose.
Spring bear cub.
Large grizzly brown bear
Bear sleeping at the lodge
A grizzly brown bear fishing
Brown bear spring cubs
Brown bear spring cubs
Common Loon.
No ear brown bear.
Yearling bear cub.
Spring bear cub
Brown bear sow and cubs
Brown bear cub and mom.
Subadult brown bear.
Horned Puffin.
Large brown bear.
Brown bear sibling cubs.
Coastal grizzly bear cub. Cute!
A large muddy brown bear.
Grizzly brown bear stretch.
Bald Eagle with a fish for dinner.
Courting brown bears.
Bald Eagle.
A grizzly brown bear.
Coastal brown bear.
Nursing moose calf and mother.
Foxes playing.
Sea otters telling secrets.
Common Loon

Katmai Wilderness Lodge: Bear Viewing in Alaska

Phone: 1-800-488-8767 or 907-486-8767

Wildlife Viewing

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Katmai National Park boasts the world’s highest concentration of bears, an estimated 2,200, giving you the unmatched opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures up close. 

You planned this trip for a while. Alaska! Bears! Adventure! Gear packed; you head out with the guide for your first viewing. Eager anticipation! Excitement! Exhilaration! As you see your first bear you are breathless. There's no way to describe their raw power and being that close. You've seen the photos and watched them on television but it's not the same. Not at all. 


Travelers come from around the globe to glimpse the famous brown bears of Katmai National Park, where families of bears roam the rivers and bay right outside our lodge. 


Forty-two species of mammals inhabit the park. In addition to bears, you may also see seals, sea otters, and fox. In special moments, guests have seen wolves, wolverine, porcupine, moose, lynx, whales, orcas, and sea lions.


Katmai teems with an astounding array of winged creatures, especially during the spring migratory and summer breeding seasons. Puffins, ducks, geese, kittiwakes, shorebirds, and bald eagles make this region a true bird lover’s paradise. Here at Katmai Wildlife Lodge, you’ll be nestled in a rich ecosystem abundant with some of the world’s most extraordinary animals.


Throughout your stay, our expert guides ensure your complete safety and comfort. Accompanied by our professional staff, you’ll set off each morning by boat, exploring the myriad of beaches within the bay where bears congregate in search of clams or catch salmon as they travel upstream, depending on when one visits. As conditions allow, you’ll join bears and other animals on land, giving you extremely rare wildlife viewing, and of course, unparalleled photo opportunities.


We can’t wait for you to have the time of your life. Give us a call or shoot us an email today to reserve your great Alaskan adventure of a lifetime!


Click a photo for a larger view.

For the nature lover, Katmai offers an exceptionally stunning landscape that will capture your imagination, stimulate your curiosity,
and inspire a sense of wonder.

You're following the guide over rocks and around the bend, eagerly anticipating the next bear just beyond the next ridge. What you don't expect and could not anticipate, is the entire valley floor appears to be completely engulfed in flames of fireweed plants. You stand enveloped in the fuchsia-drenched expanse and smell the luscious nectar, thankful to be immersed in another wonder of Alaska. Up close, each delicate fireweed blossom is perfectly formed into a stunning creation of nature. Viewed from afar, you'll swear you've experienced a field of magenta fire. Spectacular!


Katmai Wilderness Lodge is nestled in a picturesque landscape of blossoming flowers. The area’s rich native vegetation has been shaped by an evolving ecosystem, complex geology, and subarctic climate. Here, plant life explodes with vibrant color and memorable fragrance, giving this unique landscape its exquisite beauty.


Over seven hundred species of plants have been documented in Katmai. Wildflowers overtake the surrounding banks and fields with breathtaking hues. Local varieties include Bluebell, Wild Iris, Geranium, Saxifrage, Chocolate Lily, Fireweed, and Cow Parsnip. Coastal forest trees grow as far as the eye can see: Willow and Alder thickets, Sitka Spruce, and Balsam Poplar are just a few of the species that call Katmai home.


We can’t wait to welcome you to this northern, botanical paradise. Contact us today to reserve your space.


Led by Perry and Angela Mollan, the Katmai Wilderness Lodge managers will make your safety and comfort a priority, giving you one-on-one attention, friendly service, and a wilderness experience that is unique and exclusive. 

As a fourth generation Alaskan, Perry offers a unique insiders perspective into this incredibly picturesque northern land. Perry and Angela have been summer residents of Katmai National Park for many years – Perry since 1980 and Angela since 1994. They look forward to hosting you at Katmai Wilderness Lodge and sharing their knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Katmai Coast. 

Jake Deneef.jpeg

Jake grew up in southern California and northern Florida working with his father’s Dive Boat Business. After high school, he worked as a deckhand on a tour boat in the Florida Everglades and fell in love with their nature and scenery. Shortly thereafter, he acquired his captain’s license and became a guide and interpreter running tours in the Everglades.


Jake has spent many summers exploring Alaska’s nature and wildlife while visiting family, and worked as a guide in Seward, Alaska in 2016. We are very pleased to have him join the Katmia Wilderness Lodge team!


Dustin realized at an early age he wasn’t cut out for a typical 9-5 job. He grew up in Oregon, but soon moved to Hawaii, finding his passion being out on the water, touring with whales, dolphins, and other pacific marine life, all the while working toward his captain's license.   You can find him year-round running boats of all sizes throughout the Pacific, Caribbean, and East Coast, exploring wildlife above and below the water, leading the way to one memorable experience after another. We are pleased to have Dustin back for his second summer with us on the Katmai Coast.

You’ll be in the care of some of Alaska’s most highly respected guides. Each guide at Katmai Wilderness lodge has many years of wildlife adventure experience.

Click a photo for a larger view.


You’ll dine on exquisitly prepared meals, created with the freshest, highest quality ingredients. You’ll sample mouthwatering recipes prepared specially by our renowned chef, in the Alaskan style hospitality of Katmai Wilderness Lodge. 



Katmai Wilderness Lodge Chef, Tom Elliott, originally hails from the East Coast of the U.S. where after a six year enrollment in the United States Marine Corp, Tom began to pursue his passion for cooking and the Culinary Arts. After graduating with a Culinary Arts degree in 2002, Tom immersed himself in French, Italian, Asian and American cuisines working in various locations throughout the U.S. and finally Alaska where he fell in love with the beauty, diversity and vastness of the Great Land. Tom has been cooking in various locations in Alaska ever since and we are proud to have him as a member of the Katmai Wilderness Lodge team. 

Each artfully presented meal explodes with taste and local flavor. Here, you’ll spend your days exploring Alaska’s wilderness and come home to fine cuisine that feeds your body, mind, and soul.

Click a photo for a larger view.

You’ll get the balanced diet you need to power through your days in the field and fulfilling meals that both inspire and energize. We’re delighted to accommodate special diets with prior notice. Here at Katmai, we believe in the very best, and we can’t wait to give you an exceptional fine dining experience right in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness.


Katmai Wilderness Lodge books up quickly – contact us today to reserve your place at the table.


Click a photo for a larger view.

At Katmai Wilderness Lodge, you've found the ideal combination of relaxation and wildlife adventure!

It's the end of a long day. Exciting, but long. You've just finished yet another exquisitely prepared meal and now sitting on the deck watching an extraordinary Alaskan sunset. The brilliant golden clouds melt into deep electrified violets over the never-ending expanse of the horizon. The scene looks just a bit too surreal to not be a dream. From your comfortable perch, you can still envision the bear cubs playing at the water's edge, bathed in the golden glow of the evening light. Suddenly, you feel re-energized, excited, and you can't wait for tomorrow. Yeah, we know. We feel that way every day. Welcome to Katmai!


You’ll feel right at home in this idyllic cedar lodge, a hideaway that’s both the perfect place to decompress and a breathtaking gateway to all the splendors of the Alaskan wilderness. Feast on fine cuisine prepared specially for you by our renowned chef, unwind in your cozy guest room, and bask in the grandeur of Alaska’s untouched coastal wilderness. 


Unlike many Alaskan lodges, at Katmai Wilderness Lodge you’ll find hot showers, fully equipped private bathrooms, and delightful guest rooms with comfortable accommodations. You’ll enjoy mouthwatering meals in our traditional Alaskan dining room; put up your feet in the lodge’s living room full of books, games, and DVDs; and sit back on our multi-level deck - an exceptional place to take in the view and observe the beauty of Katmai.


An eco-friendly lodge, Katmai uses wind and solar power to minimize our impact on the environment. Lauded by Alaska Magazine, Alaska Airlines Magazine, and hailed as one of Alaska’s Best Places by renowned Nan Elliot, Katmai Wilderness Lodge boasts one of the highest quality destinations in the north.


Your memorable stay is just around the corner. Give us a call or send a quick email to reserve your very own place in this spectacular setting. 


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